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    Simple but very effective! Eliminates the play that is inherent with all hitch-mounted accessories because of the loose fit necessary for the accessory to slide into the hitch. The MotoTote Zero-Wobble bolt makes a solid connection between the hitch tube of the vehicle and the MotoTote.

    This is the bolt that comes with all MotoTote motorcycle carriers. The head is exactly the right diameter to recess into the hitch pin hole of the hitch tube of your vehicle and clamp the MotoTote tube to the inside wall of the hitch.

    Works only with MotoTote products because of the special-sized hitch pin hole used on MotoTote products.

    MotoTote MTHB Instructions

    Instructions for MotoTote Zero-Wobble Hitch Bolt

    This works with all MotoTotes manufactured since 2004 including MTX m3 and MTX Sport motorcycle carriers

    Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:

    Imediate customer service

    Service was great. The guy answered the phone (Yes I called- old school) He told me exactly what I needed and then checked and said I can get it for free with some credit points I had. (no idea what that was about) The guy was super nice.

    Zero-Wobble Hitch Bolt

    • Solid
    • Rock
    • Longevity
    This is my 2nd one I have ordered from Mototote. The product works great and does exactly what it is suppose to do. Once I put this on my hitch it is solid. Hopefully this one will last longer than my first one I had ordered.

    santa fe nm

    five stars for both products and service

    Everything good, from website to service to quality engineered products.


    • Quality
    • None
    Great product. Quick ship.

    Springfield, CA

    No wobbling carrier

    • The right part for the right job
    One of the things I didn't realize with the MotoTote was that it doesn't wobble. In fact, it's rock-steady in the hitch. Likewise, I didn't quite understand how to bolt the carrier into the trailer hitch mount because of the "assumption" that a carrier should wobble. But you need the correct bolt/washer/nut in order for that to happen, and I ordered a couple of spares just in case they'd be needed.