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Max Motorcycle Carrier (MTXM)

4.80 stars, based on 10 reviews
Technologies & Features: MTX Platform: Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track, chock, orientation, and distance from vehicle adjustability, alongside the attachment of innovative...
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Palmdale, CA
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  • Quality
  • safe
  • looks great
  • Needs easier way to take off the hitch
I love the Carrier the quality is above and beyond what I expected I tried it the day after I received it and all I can say is that I am really happy I bought it, I drove with my scooter for over 70 miles I had to stop once to check the straps and the carrier and it was solid.
BC, Canada
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Awesome rack!
  • Quality
Great quality! Easy to use and looks great on my vehicle. I got the tie down kit and the rear lights and love all 3 products. Super happy customer!
Denver, CO
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Best motorcycle rack I've tried
Awesome design and build. More stability, ease of use, better tie down angles and a safer hitch rack than any others out there, the best.

Marvin went above and beyond, will be a customer for life.
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Built to Last
  • Sturdy
  • Well Built
  • Light
This thing is built like a tank. Yet light enough to lift and install with no issues. I will not have to worry about our scooter falling off of the back of our motorhome while driving. Driving a motorhome is a full time job and spending the extra money for quality like this Max MotoTote which is built in the USA, takes a ton of stress off of my shoulders. You can't go wrong on this purchase. Piece of mind is worth a lot more than the asking price.
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High Quality!!
  • Heavy Duty
  • None
I was very impressed with the quality and apparent durability of the MotoTote Max. This thing is HEAVY Duty!! Its going on the back of my RV and will be toting my TW200 for thousands of miles beginning in a couple of weeks. I'm very happy I stayed away from the inexpensive and lightly manufactured Chinese bike carriers on Amazon.
Ken S
Vancouver BC
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Max Motorcycle Carrier
  • Solid
  • Strong
  • Quality
  • Stock carrier bar length 12” too short
Great product nice and solid for rear of my Ford Transit van. Workmanship is first rate. Only complaint is the carrier with the stock hitch length positions the carrier too close to my rear doors to mount my motorcycle on the van. I now know Mototote has a longer hitch rail that I should have ordered but I accomplished the same with a 12” receiver hitch extender. 12 inches more length is perfect.

Another suggestion for Mototote is to fabricate a lock option for the carrier ramp. A simple hole through the middle ramp clip works great for a small padlock. I know its not high security but at least offers some protection to stop someone from easily walking off with your ramp. Overall I give the carrier 5 stars as it is really solid and has great tie down features for my 325 lb dirt bike.
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Max Motorcycle Carrier Review
Initial review is positive. Carrier is light enough to hook up yet seems to be very sturdy with Moto on it. Takes a little bit of time to figure out what settings to use for your bike as you assemble carrier but all in all goes together easy enough.

Customer service is excellent as made a mistake installing LED light kit and the Company was quick and responsive in sending over replacement plastic brackets.

Reason for 4 Stars and not five is the carrier is not cheap! With that being said I would recommend the product.
Kevin C
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  • Build quality
  • Design
  • Secure
  • Weight
  • Pricey
I got this particular model of MotoTote because it is the perfect track size for my Grom front and rear tires. It’s built like a tank, yet apparently only 59 pounds (I didn’t weigh it to verify). Assembly was very straightforward with good instructions and videos for every step. It definitely is very manageable moving around and putting in the receiver for one person. The zerowobble pin keeps it very snug. Everything about this makes it super easy for one person to load and secure a bike. The ramp is great, the front wheel gets snugged into place which keeps the bike upright and makes getting tie downs in place super easy. This thing is just the best. I took a bit of a chance getting one of the first of a brand new model, but there was very little risk involved considering they put all the combined know how from all their past carriers into this, then improved on several. It’s not the cheapest carrier you can find, but I can’t imagine one any better than this. I feel the quality and how secure it keeps my bike is worth what I paid for sure. I got the light kit too, which is definitely recommend as well.
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Solid Bike Carrier
  • Quality
  • Well Engineered
  • Stable
  • Easy to use
Selected this bike carrier for my CRF300l because of MotoTote's reputation for quality and service. Very happy with the purchase. Sits well on the back of my Tacoma and FJ Cruiser. Easy to setup, easy to load/unload the bike. Very stable, even on dirt roads.
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Solid carrier
  • Sturdy
  • Price
This carrier has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It's almost 40% lighter than some of the "other" motorcycle carriers, which is a big deal for people doing this solo who aren't built like linebackers.

The "zero wobble" design is quite effective at eliminating the side-to-side wobble but doesn't completely eliminate up and down wobble. This isn't typically an issue unless you're on bumpy or wash-boarded roads. Adding an additional anti-wobble clamp will really lock this thing down.

I'm assuming the parts are powder coated, however, after the initial unboxing there were several chips exposing bare metal. Not a huge deal but disappointing. Each part was completely wrapped in foam so I can only assume the parts were chipped prior to packaging. At this price point I'd expect better quality control.

Finally, no instructions were included, just a note to go online to find instructions. For the money being spent they should send you a complete product. When I'm out on the driveway trying to install this thing I'd prefer to have a booklet to refer to instead of having to go back and forth to watch youtube videos. Of all the things to cut corners on, why the instructions?

Overall it's a great carrier and will serve you well but for what they're charging it could use a bit more polishing.
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