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Max+ Motorcycle Carrier (MTXP)

4.60 stars, based on 5 reviews
Technologies & Features: MTX Platform: Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track, chock, orientation, and distance from vehicle adjustability, alongside the attachment of innovative...
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  • Quality
Exactly what I want, and surprised me after got installed. Nice quality.

New York
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Impressive but could use some design improvements
  • Solid
  • light
  • manageable
  • Design
  • machining
  • installation
It’s solid and better designed than most hitch carriers but it still needs improvement. The clearances on parts are too tight. Had to use some lube and a Mallot to get the cross bar and hitch spine parts to fit together as well as the tie down arms connected to cross bar. The Max seems to have gutters going all the way down the line but the wings / gutters on the Max+ stop at the back wheel making the front wheel pretty susceptible to going off the rail when loading and unloading your bike. You need to be very precise in your alignment. There’s tubing on each side but it’s not high enough to offer much assurance. When you do get it on it seems pretty trustworthy. My bike is 430 lb wet. Definitely have a helping hand the first few times loading and unloading.
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Incredible Customer Service service
I ordered the MotoTote max plus I could tell by looking at the construction it is a great motorcycle carrier. Unfortunately I never got to use it because I decided to sell my RV but Marvin the owner and manager was so incredible helping me through the return process and the assembly process. I will be definitely getting another one once I figure out what vehicle I will be purchasing. Great company, great service.
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I love the build quality. I'm using it to haul my KTM super adventure 1290s. It's about 500 to 525 lbs. I am not a fan of the bolt that is used to secure it to the hitch to eliminate the rocking. I purchased the hitch tightener on amazon and that actually secured it much better than the bolt design from rocking side to side. I also had to put a washer under the pin for the ramp when it is in storage. It jumps around back there because the pin alone allows clearance to "rattle"
Raleigh, NC
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Worth the Money
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Ramp
  • Quality
  • Lights
I was very skeptical about putting a $13K ZX6R on this carrier but let me tell you, it works. I went from San Antonio TX to Raleigh, NC and then another trip from NC to NY and back. Both trips I took this and had my bike on it, it never budged, all the straps stayed tight, and the bike never bumped the truck, never came close to falling off, and I did it by myself most of the time. I am a 6' guy and I had no problems pushing my bike up the ramp and on to the carrier. Only con, the lights you can buy separately should be included with the purchase, it is pretty unsafe without them.
Reviews 1-5 of 5
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