MTX20 Extended Hitch Connection receiver tube, extended receiver tube, long receiver tube, main tube, square tube, hitch tube, extender

MTX20 Extended Hitch Connection (X-RTB-L)

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Extended tube arrived quickly and fit perfectly. Extra length needed to mount scooter to new motor home with recessed hitch--worked as advertised! Thanks MotoTote!
Jeremy Hand
Astoria, Oregon
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Does what I expected it to do!
  • Solid
  • Added functionability
  • Slightly too large
  • Heavy
I wanted to be able to use this without a real need for the extension. This is normally intended to give your vehicle more clearance from spare tires, bed campers, etc, and it would work great for that. What I used it for was slightly different though. I shoved the tray through the extension until there were three holes visible on the non vehicle side of the tray. On the vehicle side of the tray there are five or six holes still visible until it reaches the hitch. I then ran some 1/2 x 4" eye bolts with washers/nuts into a hole on each side of the extension. I now have the ability to clip my dirt bike's pegs to the carrier like most other carriers allow. This helps with loading and keeps the bike pinned down. Currently I'm running chain to carabiners that are rated for 1500 and 350 lbs respectively. I'll be swapping the chain out for turnbuckles soon.

If you're swapping out an old receiver for this one, be prepared to muscle/hammer/slam the heck out of it. The old receiver was really tightly in there, and the square 2" hole had been clamped millimeters too small for the new extended receiver. It took about 30 minutes of sledge hammering, prying, and slamming against my concrete garage floor to get the new receiver into the hole. If you're ordering a new MotoTote, order this with it and use it immediately.

It doesn't seem like it would add a lot of weight over the standard hitch, but it does add a few pounds, and it definitely makes it a bit more cumbersome. Either way, I don't care. This thing definitely does what I wanted it to do!
Curt D.
New Jersey
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Great extension!!
  • Quality
  • Strong
  • Well made
The added extension gives just the perfect amount of room to get away from the spare tire. I actually use 2 moto tote mini's at the same time so I can transport 2 moped style ebikes (The Ariel Rider Grizzly and The Juiced Hyperscorpion) on my Class C RV. It works perfectly!!!
Chris Wallace
San Mateo
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Long Tube
Nice and sturdy, however the bolt holes on both sides did not line up. Took 45 minutes with a dremel and using up two grinding bits to elongate the holes enough so I could attach the rack.
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Receiver hitch extender
  • Makes hitch more versatile and adaptable
  • Had to modify slightly to make it work
Would have given 5 stars but extender was missing one hole for placement of the ramp clip. Was able to modify easily and otherwise works fine
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Solved a problem for me.
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I have been using a Mototote Mtx carrier for a few years to carry a motor scooter on the back of my rv. I am about to trade in my rv and the new one has a rather recessed receiver. I didn't want to have to use an extension receiver which would have introduced another joint into the hitch setup. I was pleased to find that Mototote has the solution to this issue in the form of a Long Receiver Tube which provides up to 11" of additional clearance. A+ for MotoTote.
Reviews 1-6 of 6
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