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Sport (2.0) Motorcycle Hitch Carrier (MTXS)

4.60 stars, based on 63 reviews
Technologies & Features: MTX Platform: Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track, chock, orientation, and distance from vehicle adjustability, alongside the attachment of innovative...
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Burke E.
Greensboro, NC
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Best motorcycle carrier on the market
Was hesitant at first that a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier would work, but WOW, incredibly impressed! Easy to put together and connect to my GMC Sierra. Loaded my Ducati Monster with ease and with no added help. When driving around, motorcycle stays perfectly still and secure. Keeps my truck bed free for other equipment as well. If you are on the fence about the best way to transport your motorcycle, stop here and buy the Mototote. You will not be disappointed! Also, customer service from these guys is top notch.
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Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Ever
  • Superior Design
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Well Packaged and shipped
The Sport Motorcycle Hitch Carrier (MTXS) is, by far, the best motorcycle hitch carrier I've ever used. Actually, it's the best "carrier" across the board. I've had bicycle hitch carriers from Yakima and other manufacturers and the design and quality of all those carriers are average. MotoTote's design and manufacturing are in a class all their own.
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Best there is
This carrier is very well engineered and built. On my recent trip to the mountains it performed flawlessly carrying my FZ-07. I hit some pretty bad roads on the way up and this carrier handled it to perfection. It is very easy to install and load. I have it on my mid-sized Nissan Frontier. Had no problems at all. Definitely worth the money.
Federal Way, WA
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Bike Carrier review
Shipped quickly, packaged great, all parts received, product is great quality, easy instructions and it works like a champ. The best motorcycle carrier I have run across!
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  • Well engineered
  • Well constructed
  • Nicely coated
  • Pricey
Very well engineered and constructed piece of kit.

Anyone who claims wobble hasn’t tightened fasteners down enough - put some torque on ‘em ladies!
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Dave's review from the UK.
The actual build quality appears to be very good, the welds for instance are solid with no visible defects that I could see. The coating finish seems to be very robust and I hope will last for a long time. Building the item took a little while but once I got used to it, it went together very well. Unfortunately for me I have fitted it to a Landrover LR3 and the carrier sits low, ( too low for my liking ), and does not sit level from the hitch, ( maybe 2 inches drop from the hitch to the eld of the support bar (, this is not your issue it is mine and i will have to do some sort of modification to level it out. Also the loading ramp pin can not be inserted as the hole is drilled too low. Al in all very happy.
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Easy to load motorcycle by myself
I was able to assemble this by myself. It required some extra muscle to tighten the bolts to reduce wobble and there was still some wobble after. The carrier never failed tho. The issue is between the main carrier of the bike and the plate that requires two bolts. The tolerance is not tight enough therefore no matter how much I tightened it would not bend the steel in closer to remove wobble. Otherwise the product does work.
Charlotte, NC
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Exactly what I wanted
I looked for a while before buying a receiver based motorcycle carrier. This to me is the best one on the market.

The powder coating could be better, as there is already a little light rust at some of the joints. I am going to take it and have it totally painted to allow it to stay on the back of my motorhome full time. I do not feel you should have to do this.

Packaging was also a bit of a mess. Most of the ties were broken in the box and this caused a lot of the metal to rub creating bare spots.
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Just ordered another one! Had a Firend reccommend this back to me a while ago ordered one and had such a great experience I ordered another for my second car.
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Excellent carrier
Very sturdy and attractive carrier. Easily loaded and unloaded. I am able to load my 450 lb KLR 650 without assistance, and it rides stable and with a minimum of wobble. Some recommendations, though: To remove any play or wobble from the carrier, the through-bolts and flange nuts which join the platform assembly to the square tube must be tightened thoroughly, so that the metal wings of the platform assembly flex inward and "clamp" the square tube. This required significant force on mine, and I initially was wary of stripping the nuts or bending the metal wings. The resulting wobble, while not dangerous, was disconcerting. Once the metal wings of the carrier were compressed against the square tube, though, all play vanished. The large flange nuts are used in this joint to withstand the necessary torque. So tightened, even with my tall, heavy bike, the carrier exhibits only a slight and acceptable flex, with no free play at all. The zero-wobble bolt at the hitch receiver works perfectly and is a simple, clever solution. Don't lose the hex wrench and crescent wrench needed for the zero-wobble bolt. I keep them in my motorcycle's toolkit. With Ancra tie-downs, during one test drive, I found one of the straps to have loosened. Something caused the ratchet to release for a moment. Since then, I have taken to the following: After tightening the strap at the ratchet to the desired point, run the tag end of the strap through the eye of the hook, and secure it there with half hitches. This makes inadvertent loosening of the strap impossible, even if the ratchet gets bumped.
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Reviews 11-20 of 63
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