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Upgraded version of our Sport tried & trusted sport bike, scrambler and dual sport motorcycle hitch carrier with new parts, features and assembly in Texas. It stoutly hauls wide tire motorcycles up to 600 lbs. with trusted components, a WebGrip steel tire track, a StableStop Wide wheel chock, a trusted tie down arm system, and an innovative ZeroWobble+ hitch mount. Plus it includes an EasyLoad ramp for safe single person loading.

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    Technology & Features

    Dimensions & Specs

    1. MTX Platform

    Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track/chock adjustability, and the attachment of innovative components.

    2. EasyLoad Ramp

    A longer webbed steel ramp reduces angle, maximizes traction, and eliminates bottoming out at the top of the ramp. Ramp hooks directly into tire track and will not disengage during loading.

    3. WebGrip Track

    Woven steel design secures rear tire sizes up to 8.5" (215 mm) wide with upgraded traction and adjusts up to a 65" (165 cm) wheelbase.

    4. ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount

    Upgraded mount eliminates rack movement laterally in transport and requires fewer tools for installation.

    5. StableStop Chock Wide

    Wide tire mount secures front tires up to 5" (125 mm), adds lateral support, and holds the bike upright while securing tie-downs.

    6. BroadPull+ Arm (Front)

    A patented, S shaped, wide tie-down arm improves strap leverage and lateral support from the front of the motorcycle.

    Carrier Weight

    60 lbs. (27 kgs.)

    Weight Capacity

    600 lbs (272 kgs.)

    Tire Widths

    5" (125 mm) Front, 8.5" (215 mm) Rear

    Track Length

    74" - 80" (188 cm - 203 cm)

    Loading Ramp Length

    56.5" (144 cm)


    Up to 65" (165 cm)

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    Platform MTX MTX MTX MTX
    Weight Capacity 500 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs.
    Track Angled Steel WebGrip MaxHold MaxHold HD
    Back Tire Width Up to 6" Up to 8.5" Up to 6" Up to 9"
    Chock StableStop StableStop Wide StableStop StableStop Extra Wide
    Front Tire Width Up to 4.75" Up to 5" Up to 4.75" Up to 5.5"
    Ramp EasyLoad EasyLoad HD QuickLoad QuickLoad
    Tie Down Arms BroadPull+ (Front) BroadPull+ (Front) BroadPull+ (Front & Back) BroadPull+ (Front & Back)
    Hitch Mount ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+
    Hardware Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant
    Assembled in USA
    Made in USA

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    Mototote Customer

    "I had a cheap carrier but I did not trust it with my sport bike, then bought a great box trailer, but then got tired of hauling trailer to track days, with extra gas, bridge tolls for trailers, and having to drive 55 with a trailer. Now I have 1500 Ram Van with MotoTote for ZX10R. Love it!"



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    Customer Reviews: 84
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    Purchase of Sport Moto Hitch
    • modern
    • design
    • stable and secure
    • no lights
    • no hitch lock
    Ordered, came in right away. Had shipper contact me to verify address info. Great. Easy to install. Tested on several motorcycles. Easy to load/unload and store. I like the design of the Sport tubing versus the metal type carriers.

    To improve on product, trailer lights should be standard for safety reasons. It's a must as the cycle blocks tail lights of vehicle. A lock mechanism would be nice. The way around that would be to use a cable lock to your trailer hitch. Very satisfied.
    Charlotte, NC
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Well built
    Overall well built and as sturdy as I was expecting. Loaded my Aprilia Tuono a few times for practice. Only real complaint is consistent with what others have said about the hole for the lighting kit being out of alignment (I drill new ones and tapped them with a #10-32 pitch for 3/4" stainless steel screws), and the powder coat wearing off the screws (expected this to happen, touched up with spray paint). Kudos to the design team for making most of the bolts the same size so I didn't have to keep switching sockets.
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Trust it with my life
    Literally, because if my bike goes down then 😳. After having it for several months and about 7000 miles, it’s easily one of the best investments I’ve made for sure. I own a class c Rv and use the mototote to haul a Ducati scrambler as my main means of transportation. Being able to load/unload the bike by myself (at 5’4” let alone) is incredible and allows me to travel the way I do. I did install a drop hitch receiver also. Also use the sport tie down package and it makes it so easy to get the bike off and on. 10/10
    Cdmx Mexico
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • slight maneuvering foul
    • a hole where the skull goes did not matc
    looks great in quality! I installed it on a Bronco Sport and I have no problems with stability despite bringing a 220 kg motorcycle! I love it
    Joe Miceli
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    MotoTote Sport Carrier
    I purchased a MotoTote Sport Carrier in order to haul a new Yamaha XMAX Scooter on the back of our motorhome.

    The MotoTote Sport carrier is extremely well build. It was very easy to assemble and is rock solid once attached to the hitch receiver. The tie down attachment point are well placed and the bike is very secure on the carrier.

    I also purchased the optional tail light kit, which was also very easy to install. I works and looks great.

    I am very happy with this product.

    Would highly recommend!
    Daniel Saint Martin Ochoa
    Veracruz Mexico
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Met my expectations. However, I feel that his weight should be improved. For me, MOTOTOTE is a premium brand and one of the best in this segment.
    Daniel Saint Martin Ochoa
    Veracruz Mecico
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Met my expectations. However, I feel that his weight should be improved. For me, MOTOTOTE is a premium brand and one of the best in this segment.
    John C
    Pleasanton Ca
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Easy Intalation
    • Easily install
    • Nice design
    • Zero wabble!
    I will have to upgrade my leaf springs because the truck is lowered but the mototote is sturdy as ever. I really like it 👍👍
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Great carrier!
    Very well built carrier and great customer service. Mine came somewhat damaged from shipping but they were very quick to send touch up paint and offer me a partial refund for my trouble!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    The Review: A 2000 Mile Trip Across Country.
    • Construction
    • Assembly Instructions
    • Packaging
    • Strength
    • Mounting Points
    • Hardware
    • Paint Finish
    Model: MTXS - Sport Motorcycle Hitch Carrier.
    Truck: Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road.
    Motorcycle: Yamaha FZ-07.

    After taking this carrier across the United States (over 2000 miles); temps ranging from 20F-60F degrees; through snow, rain, and salted roads; over many bumps, pot holes and horrendous road surfaces; through stop and go traffic; and at highway speeds for MANY hours, I can finally give my honest review of this product.

    Overall I would give this motorcycle carrier very high praises based on the sole fact that my motorcycle made the long journey with no issues at all. Assembly of the carrier was simple and straight forward with the help of the included instruction card and simple tools. Loading my bike (397lb.) up the ramp and onto the carrier was fairly simple to do alone and the front wheel chock held the bike upright while I attached my straps. (I loaded it off a curb as the increased height makes this task easier with less of an angle to push up.) I used a total of 6 straps to secure my bike with 1 strap over the back tire which slipped off 2 times on my trip. (Putting the bike in 1st gear before placement fixed this problem.)

    I have to admit, driving the first 100 miles or so made me extremely nervous as I did not trust this carrier yet! Every time I hit a big bump on the road I would quickly look back, hoping to not see my bike dragging on the road. It was a real butt clincher at first, but after a few hundred miles and numerous checks and rechecks, much confidence was gained and I no longer worried about the carrier, but more so about my bike having road grime and salt and debris kicked up onto it. (I am definitely integrating a bike cover next time.)

    A few notes: During my trip, an audible metal creak sound developed in the coldest of temps (20F) which made me a bit nervous every time I hit a bump, hearing that, but no excessive play or movement was noticed beyond baseline and all bolts were rechecked for tightness with no issue. (The sound went away once temps warmed up a bit more into the 40's.) By the end of my trip the section that holds the bike did start to develop just a bit more play from baseline which created a very mild rocking movement (front to back) from the bike. (I'm sure after all the jarring the carrier went through all the bolts needed another tightening.)

    My biggest complaint with this carrier would have to involve the overall durability of the paint finish. After this trip, I had numerous superficial scratches and some deep scratches from normal road debris and in some areas especially the non-utilized bolt holes surface rust has already developed. (A nice package addition would be a small bottle of touch up paint in the future.) The hardware seems to be holding up well at this time minus the washer included with the "ZeroWobble+" hitch bolt which upon applying decent torque just bends into the hitch hole which has created a concave surface area.

    Overall, this is really an excellent product that I can now definitely recommend for transporting your beloved motorcycle around on the back of your vehicle in a safe manner.
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