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The Sport is our tried & trusted sport bike, scrambler and dual sport motorcycle hitch carrier recently upgraded with new parts and assembly in Texas. It stoutly hauls wide tire motorcycles up to 600 lbs. with trusted components; a WebGrip steel tire track, a StableStop Wide wheel chock, a trusted tie down arm system, and an innovative ZeroWobble+ hitch mount. Plus it includes an EasyLoad ramp for safe single person loading.

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    Technology & Features

    Dimensions & Specs

    1. MTX Platform

    Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track/chock adjustability, and the attachment of innovative components.

    2. EasyLoad Ramp

    A longer webbed steel ramp reduces angle, maximizes traction, and eliminates bottoming out at the top of the ramp. Ramp hooks directly into tire track and will not disengage during loading.

    3. WebGrip Track

    Woven steel design secures rear tire sizes up to 8.5" (215 mm) wide with upgraded traction and adjusts up to a 65" (165 cm) wheelbase.

    4. ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount

    Upgraded mount eliminates rack movement laterally in transport and requires fewer tools for installation.

    5. StableStop Chock Wide

    Wide tire mount secures front tires up to 5" (125 mm), adds lateral support, and holds the bike upright while securing tie-downs.

    6. BroadPull+ Arm (Front)

    A patented, S shaped, wide tie-down arm improves strap leverage and lateral support from the front of the motorcycle.

    Carrier Weight

    60 lbs. (27 kgs.)

    Weight Capacity

    600 lbs (272 kgs.)

    Tire Widths

    5" (125 mm) Front, 8.5" (215 mm) Rear

    Track Length

    74" - 80" (188 cm - 203 cm)

    Loading Ramp Length

    56.5" (144 cm)


    Up to 65" (165 cm)

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    Platform MTX MTX MTX MTX
    Weight Capacity 500 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs.
    Track Angled Steel WebGrip MaxHold MaxHold HD
    Back Tire Width Up to 6" Up to 8.5" Up to 6" Up to 9"
    Chock StableStop StableStop Wide StableStop StableStop Extra Wide
    Front Tire Width Up to 4.75" Up to 5" Up to 4.75" Up to 5.5"
    Ramp EasyLoad EasyLoad HD QuickLoad QuickLoad
    Tie Down Arms BroadPull+ (Front) BroadPull+ (Front) BroadPull+ (Front & Back) BroadPull+ (Front & Back)
    Hitch Mount ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+
    Hardware Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant Weather Resistant
    Assembled in USA
    Made in USA

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    Mototote Customer

    "I had a cheap carrier but I did not trust it with my sport bike, then bought a great box trailer, but then got tired of hauling trailer to track days, with extra gas, bridge tolls for trailers, and having to drive 55 with a trailer. Now I have 1500 Ram Van with MotoTote for ZX10R. Love it!"



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    Customer Reviews: 71
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    As good as advertised.
    • build quality
    • weight
    • none yet
    Purchased carrier to transport my new HD Pan America between TX and CO. Considered using ramps but determined hitch rack was better way to carry the bike. Carrier appears to be well made. Easy to assemble — took less than 30 minutes. Key to lay out beside the bike to determine which holes to use for proper fit. What I like most is the weight. Easy to move and install without help. The other carriers I considered weighed considerably more.
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    Life Changing!
    The carrier is a well engineered product. The designer was probably a structural engineer. It is simple, stiff and only has a few bolts. It’s also about 35 lbs lighter and about 200% better than the competition. There is absolutely no wobble or shaking while driving.

    I am using the carrier on a RAV4 Adventure and it worked out great. I shortened the hitch beam to reduce the moment and added air bags in the rear shocks.

    If you drive anywhere near NY, NJ, CT then you know what a pain it is to avoid parkways. This will pay for itself just in tolls and gas.

    Customer service: Delivery was approximately 2 weeks from order and you don’t get an estimated delivery date. You get notified when it ships. They are also slow to respond if you inquire about the order but the product definitely speaks for itself.

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Starting to rust already
    Further to my original review…
    Less than two weeks old and starting to see rust at some of the welds and I haven’t even used it yet. Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come. So much for the new powder coating?
    Still the best carrier out there but not perfect.
    Everett Ballenger
    Beaufort, SC
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Perfect for what I needed.
    • Light for what it is. Very well thought
    • None that I know
    I wanted a motorcycle carrier mainly for traveling with our motor home. I have used a trailer in the past, but they are an inconvenience. I had to leave my bike in the shop for new tires that was about 250+ miles away (long story), so the first time I used the Tote was to pickup my 1993 BMW GSPD, using my GMC Sierra. Not a small bike with the huge gas tank, so I was little apprehensive going all that way with a carrier I have never used. But all went well. I did have a buddy with me to hold the bike steady while I figured out the tie down straps for the first time. The bike fitted perfectly. It did seem a little strange having that big bike hanging off the back of my truck first of all. But there were no problems, I soon felt it was a much better way to transport a bike than on a bouncy trailer! I am well pleased with the Tote to say the least.
    Hans N
    Durham NC
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Wonderful motorcycle hitch carrier
    This motorcycle hitch carrier works flawlessly and doesn’t wobble like every other hitch carrier I’ve ever seen. I didn’t believe it would work as well as it does. I was able to bring home a new to me DRZ 400 S without any issues or worries.
    Kevin R.
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Exceedingly late delivery followed by damaged product
    • Customer service
    • Quality
    Mototote did not meet my expectation, which weren’t even high. I was told on 4 separate occasions via email that my sportrac would be delivered. This turned out to be wrong on all 4 occasions and I was not notified at all. If I had not reached out, I would have never known. I was told via email that these deadlines were “educated guesses” after the fact. Uneducated in my opinion. I was not offered anything in reparation for the poor services provided and to top it all off the rack came with two massive gouges on the main rack. If you have an issue, ensure you email far in advance as the staff will wait a month to even reply to a simple email. 10/10 will not be purchasing another product from this company.
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    Just arrived today
    The good…
    Excellent overall design.
    Fast shipping. No duty charged to Canada.
    Came with uplifted extension to prevent hitch droop.
    The not so good…
    Minor scratches during shipping. Fed ex delivered box vertically but contents are not packed for vertical transport.
    Tail light holes we’re not same left and right. One led light points slightly down compared to the other.
    Wheel chock is NOT adjustable to different size tires so does not hold our Yamaha Smax upright while strapping it down.120/70-13 front tire. I assumed it was adjustable since the lower m3 model is. Disappointing.
    Needs more than 55 ft/lbs torque( max per instructions) to eliminate the gaps.
    I’m not expecting perfection but a bit more attention to these details would get this carrier closer to it.

    Eric S
    Newberg, OR
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    One of the best purchases of my life
    I bought my sport hitch carrier over a decade ago and it has been one of the most useful "motorcycle accessories" ever purchased. I'm amazed every time I see people single bikes on trailers on vehicles that can easily support the tongue weight. I've carried bikes pushing 600lbs for 1000s of miles without an issue.

    This summer I noticed the wheel chock was starting to show wear at the bends, due to excessive rocking with my F250's 3" receiver hitch, which requires double sleeves to bring it down to 2" and would not work well with the locking clamp I used on previous vehicles.

    I was thrilled to learn that MotoTote offered an improved replacement chock and a stainless steel hardware kit (after 10 years the galvanized rusted the nuts to the bolts) - And their ZERO WABBLE Hitch Pin. GAME CHANGER! Vastly simpler than a locking plate, works with any size receiver 2-3", and unlike the plate, literally ZERO Wabble

    Canadian, Eh?
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    Fast Delivery, Easy Assembly, Good Product
    I spent some time agonizing over which carrier to buy for a long trip in my RV. I settled Moto Tote's Sport Carrier. The carrier arrived in Canada in less than a week from the order date. The instructions were clear, the build quality is good, and I had the thing ready to go within 90 minutes, including lights. I'm impressed.
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    best carrier avail
    had it for about a year already. so far i hauled a cbr600, xsr900, grom, yz250fx and loved it.. super convenient, rack it self isnt as heavy as others so install only takes a couple of mins.
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