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The Sport (2.0) is our newly upgraded* version of our trusted hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier for sport bikes, scramblers, dual sports, and more. Built on our reliable 600 lb. rated MTX platform, it securely hauls motorcycles with tire sizes up to 5" in the front and 8.5" in the rear with its WebGrip tire tracks and innovative attachments. It attaches to any 2" receiver, transforming your car, truck, van, or RV into a heavy-duty motorcycle hauler.

Proudly Assembled in Texas

*New upgrades include: Improved weight safety margin, upgraded powder coat, new rust-resistant black zinc coated hardware, new ZeroWobble+ hitch mount & upgraded packaging to eliminate damage in transport.

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Technology & Features

Dimensions & Specs

1. MTX Platform

Heavy-duty steel main support connects to 2" receivers, hauls up to 600 lbs. (272 kgs.), supports track/chock adjustability, and the attachment of innovative components.

2. EasyLoad Ramp

A longer webbed steel ramp reduces angle, maximizes traction, and eliminates bottoming out at the top of the ramp. Ramp hooks directly into tire track and will not disengage during loading.

3. WebGrip Track

Woven steel design secures rear tire sizes up to 8.5" (215 mm) wide with upgraded traction and adjusts up to a 65" (165 cm) wheelbase.

4. ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount

Upgraded mount eliminates rack movement laterally in transport and requires fewer tools for installation.

5. StableStop Chock Wide

Adjustable tire mount secures front tires up to 5" (125 mm), adds lateral support, and holds the bike upright while securing tie-downs.

6. BroadPull Arms

Wide tie-down arms optimize strap angles and improve leverage.

Carrier Weight

60 lbs. (27 kgs.)

Weight Capacity

600 lbs (272 kgs.)

Tire Widths

5" (125 mm) Front, 8.5" (215 mm) Rear

Track Length

74" - 80" (188 cm - 203 cm)

Loading Ramp Length

56.5" (144 cm)


Up to 65" (165 cm)

Compare MotoTotes

m3 Hitch Carrier Sport Hitch Carrier Max Hitch Carrier Max+ Hitch Carrier
m3 Hitch Carrier Sport Hitch Carrier Max Hitch Carrier Max+ Hitch Carrier
Weight Capacity 500 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs. 600 lbs.
Track Angled Steel WebGrip MaxHold MaxHold HD
Back Tire Size Up to 6" Wide Up to 8.5" Wide Up to 6" Wide Up to 9" Wide
Chock StableStop StableStop Wide StableStop StableStop Extra Wide
Front Tire Size Up to 4.75" Wide Up to 5" Wide Up to 4.75" Up to 5.5"
Ramp EasyLoad EasyLoad EasyLoad EasyLoad
Tie Down Arms BroadPull BroadPull BroadPull+ BroadPull+
Hitch Mount ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+ ZeroWobble+
Assembled in USA
Made in USA

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Mototote Customer

"I had a cheap carrier but I did not trust it with my sport bike, then bought a great box trailer, but then got tired of hauling trailer to track days, with extra gas, bridge tolls for trailers, and having to drive 55 with a trailer. Now I have 1500 Ram Van with MotoTote for ZX10R. Love it!"



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Canadian, Eh?
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Fast Delivery, Easy Assembly, Good Product
I spent some time agonizing over which carrier to buy for a long trip in my RV. I settled Moto Tote's Sport Carrier. The carrier arrived in Canada in less than a week from the order date. The instructions were clear, the build quality is good, and I had the thing ready to go within 90 minutes, including lights. I'm impressed.
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best carrier avail
had it for about a year already. so far i hauled a cbr600, xsr900, grom, yz250fx and loved it.. super convenient, rack it self isnt as heavy as others so install only takes a couple of mins.
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Pretty Easy
  • Easy
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Pricey
Game changer now that I can carry my bike (husqvarna svartpilen 401/ 320lbs) around with my 2002 Chevy Tahoe. I was surprised at how easy it was to setup and load. Had the thing built and bike loaded in about 30 minutes total. Ramp angle is easy enough to load bike solo. Make sure to have straps nearby though (either draped on bike as suggested in manual, or on bumper of truck. BE SURE TO USE TWO STRAPS IN FRONT. At first I only used a strap in back and one in front— weaved between the handlebars. Bike felt super secure and held straight for about 3 hours… until I noticed in review mirror it started to slip/angle away from my truck while going up a hill. This was because the bike was able to slide through the front straps enough to loosen up a bit. Luckily it didn’t fall off. After I redid the front using two straps (pulling opposite directions) the ride home was flawless. Felt secure in the truck as well with minimal wobbling. A hitch lock could’ve been a good addition for overnight trips…yet if someone was really going to yank a 300+lb motorcycle off the back of your truck, they’d probably be able to cut through a bolt if they wanted it that bad.
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  • Well engineered
  • Well constructed
  • Nicely coated
  • Pricey
Very well engineered and constructed piece of kit.
Anyone who claims wobble hasn’t tightened fasteners down enough - put some torque on ‘em ladies!
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Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Ever
  • Superior Design
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Well Packaged and shipped
The Sport Motorcycle Hitch Carrier (MTXS) is, by far, the best motorcycle hitch carrier I've ever used. Actually, it's the best "carrier" across the board. I've had bicycle hitch carriers from Yakima and other manufacturers and the design and quality of all those carriers are average. MotoTote's design and manufacturing are in a class all their own.
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Outstanding Company To Work With!
  • Quality and Design
  • The ramp is somewhat short
I ordered the MotoTote Sport Carrier. I purchased it to replace a Black Widow brand carrier that worked but the steel quality and construction always made me a little nervous with my expensive bikes. I had several e-mail communications with MotoTote before receiving the carrier and their customer service was the most responsive of any company I have dealt with. After receiving and putting the carrier together I am very happy I made the decision to get a MotoTote. The carrier is fantastic, the design and materials are top notch!
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This thing is solid.
  • Great price and holds the load!
  • Hardware rust!
I’ve had the mototote sport for several months now and it has been a game changer! It handles my 470 lb bike with no issues and I have since traveled hundreds of miles with it, including highway, dirt roads, and big hills.
The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because I believe the carrier should come standard with the rust resistant hardware and I shouldn’t have to spend an additional $30 on the “rust resistant hardware kit”. I was quite surprised when I noticed hardware rust. I feel like this is a safety issue. Standard inclusion of the rust resistant hardware would prevent the likelihood of something happening to the carrier under load, but could also prevent future motor vehicle accidents.
Otherwise, this is a great product, and I will continue to use and recommend it. Just don’t be surprised when you have to come back and buy new hardware.
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Good product spoiled by poor hardware
  • Sturdy
  • holds fat-tire TW200s & VanVans
  • Cheap hardware
  • mediocre powder coating
If you're going to pay 2 to 3 times as much for this rack as one from Harbor Freight or Black Widow, you should expect a better rack. The rack itself is solid - I'm carrying a 300 pound trail bike with no issues. The hardware used to assemble it are low-end (not stainless). I installed the rack, and when I came back the next morning the bolts were rusting after just a light rain. Keep them coated with ACF-50 and they'll be ok. If you're going to remove the rack periodically, it's a good idea to replace the bolt securing it to the hitch occasionally to avoid stress issues. MotoTote will sell you a replacement bolt for $8. I picked up an identical bolt from my local Fastenal for 88 cents. The powder coating is mediocre - it rubs off with use. If MotoTote included high quality hardware they would probably sell more racks to offset the minimal increase in their cost (I've seen negative reviews that would keep some buyers away), but the racks are in short supply due to Covid, so they have little incentive to do so. It costs next to nothing to replace the bolts with quality ones and buy a can of ACF-50 to stymy the rust issues
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Just ordered another one! Had a Firend reccommend this back to me a while ago ordered one and had such a great experience I ordered another for my second car.
Dermot L Jones
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Just what I needed
  • Price/Quality
This thing is sturdy and stable very well made. easy to install.
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