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Adds running, brake and turn signal functions to the back of any MotoTote with our streamlined and bright LED light kit.
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    • Extends tail light functions to the back of any MotoTote
    • Installs easy with standard 4-prong inline trailer connector
    • Bright LED light bulb maximizes visibility
    • Resin sealed and waterproof light fixtures are weather and road ready
    • Custom heavy duty woven nylon wiring harness integrates sleekly with carrier
    • Nylon cable ties secure wiring to carrier for streamlined look

    Note: For MotoTotes purchased before April 2014, drilling 2 holes will be required (as explained in instruction manual)

    MotoTote LED Light Kit Instructions User Manual for MotoTote LED Light Kit

    Overall Customer Rating of 27 Reviews:

    Goes great with my mototoe

    The was a nice added feature to mototote to keep in compliance with the law.


    Performs As Advertised

    Good, slim, low profile lighting. Can use a better mounting solution. Four pin connector is somewhat flimsy. I've had to attach a more durable connector in a better weatherproof sleeve.

    Brooklyn, NYC

    Good quality lights that give peace of mind

    Very bright and easy to instal. I recommend them. Never gave a thought to not being seen from behind.

    Important upgrade

    • Bright
    • Easy to install
    If you've made the smart investment in getting the MotoTote brand carrier, keep making smart choices and get these bright LED lights as well. Significantly increases your visibility and reduces the risk of getting hit from behind because someone didn't see you slowing down. I had the non-LED lights on my first generation MotoTote and they worked fine, but these LEDs are next-level better.

    How much does your vehicle and bike cost combined? Spend the $100 to help protect them (even less if you buy these when you buy the carrier itself.)

    Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Great safety addition

    • Easy installation
    • High quality
    • Heavy duty
    • Price was a little high
    I purchased the light kit based on a review by a prior customer. He mentioned that his brake lights were blocked by his motorcycle. I decided to buy them based on his recommendation. The light kit came in the same shipment as my carrier. Appears to be very well made and heavy duty. Very clear instructions, and a YouTube video helped, also. The hardest part was screwing the base plate. It was a little hard to get the screws started. I am pretty sure it won't ever come off. Took about 10 minutes from start to finish. My truck brake lights are only partially obstructed, but the extra safety in South Florida is important. The lights are very bright and worked the first time (a testament to the great instructions).