MotoTote LED Light Kit Instructions

Light Kit In the Box

In the Box

  • Light kit assembly
  • 4 mounting screws
  • Black nylon ties

European version has 13-pin round plug and amber turn signals

Australian version has 7-pin plug and amber turn signals

MTLE Tools


You will need:

  • Flathead and philips head screwdrivers
  • Scissors or knife to cut nylon ties
Light Kit In the Box

Separate from Bezel

Separate light from bezel (base) with a flat head screwdriver as shown leaving the cable running through bezel.

MTLE Tools

Attach Bezels

IDENTIFY left/right light by labels on back. Attach bezel to MTX Platform tube with screws provided and pre-punched holes.

Light Kit In the Box

Press into Bezel

Press light into bezel with palm of hand as shown until it “snaps” into place.

MTLE Tools

Secure Cables

Run the cables along the underside of the MotoTote toward center then forward toward vehicle. Secure with the nylon ties.

Light Kit In the Box


Plug into vehicle connector.

MTLE Tools

Check Operation

Check for proper operation of brake, turn signal, and tail lights. Apply brakes and use turn signals with the headlights on. Repeat with the headlights off (tail lights will be off but brake and turn signals should work).

Click here for printed Instructions

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