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Will a MotoTote motorcycle hitch carrier work with my vehicle and motorcycle?

It varies depending on your car, truck, van or RV’s towing ability. We recommend a maximum of 10% of tow hitch capacity to be loaded as tongue weight. So if your motorcycle + MotoTote motorcycle hauler (60 lbs.) weighs less than 10% of your vehicle’s towing capacity AND your motorcycle is within the weight capacity of the MotoTote (500 lbs. or 600 lbs.), you are good to go!

What additional products do you recommend for hauling with a MotoTote?

MotoTote motorcycle carriers come with all the necessary hardware except for tie downs. We recommend 3 tie downs per bike. For tie down recommendations for your motorcycle, dirt bike scooter or sport bike take a look at our Tie Down Packs. For additional visibility we also recommend a MotoTote Light Kit for more visibility and extended tail light functions to your MotoTote.

How hard is it to load?

It’s the easiest way to haul your motorcycle! Many of our customers, including many women report they are able to load heavy bikes by themselves.

How hard is it to assemble?

Assembly is streamlined and simple. It can be accomplished in approximately 30 minutes including unpacking, getting tools, reading instructions… etc. For more information, please refer to the MotoTote User Manual.

Will a MotoTote fit behind a spare tire?

Yes. The hitch is adjustable up to 20 inches from behind the hitch pin to the center of the motorcycle or scooter. If additional distance is required we recommend adding our extended hitch connection for 11 additional inches of adjustability from the back of the vehicle to center of the motorcycle (31 inches total).

When will I get the MotoTote if it is on backorder?

Due to increased popularity, we have experienced backorders of MotoTote Motorcycle Hitch Carriers. We recommend pre-ordering to ensure you will recieve product when we restock. Estimated ETAs are updated on the individual product page and will ship a few days after estimated arrival date. If you have questions about your order please reach out to us at


Is the MotoTote legal?

We don't know of any laws in the United States that prohibit use of hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers.

What advantages does the MotoTote offer versus a trailer?
  • Ease of Use - Installing the MotoTote and loading the bike is a snap!
  • Convenience - No worries with backing up or parking.
  • Storage - You can easily store your MotoTote by hanging it on a wall or ceiling like a bicycle.
  • No Registration - The MotoTote requires no license plate.
  • Legal in HOV lanes - Most states do not allow trailers in the HOV/commuter lanes.
Will my expensive motorcycle be safe on a MotoTote?

It's understandable to be hesitant about new and unfamiliar things. If you Google the chat rooms and forums and you'll see that, generally, the skepticism is from people who have not tried a MotoTote and the enthusiasts are MotoTote users. In other words: Once you try it, you'll see that the MotoTote is not only the Easiest way to haul your Bike but also COMPLETELY SAFE!

MotoTote has been manufacturing Moto-Tote motorcycle carriers since 1997. We have thousands of customers all over the world with not a single structural failure. This is an amazing safety record by any measure and we intend to preserve it

Why should I buy from or an authorized dealer?
  • Service - We stand behind our products 100%
  • Superfast shipping - We ship same-day if you order by noon Tuesday to Friday
  • Easy return policy Click for More Info
Will it damage my vehicle or hitch?

Not if you stay within the weight limitations of the vehicle and hitch. Click here for more details on weights and limitations.

Won't this be hard on my vehicle's suspension?

Your vehicle's suspension is designed to handle up to a specific weight. Your vehicle towing capacity is one expression of this weight. This is why we recommend using 10% of total towing capacity as the limit of weight-on-hitch. Click here for more details on weights and limitations.

Will my tail lights and license plate be blocked?

In most cases tail lights are not blocked, but if you would like additional visibility we recommend the MotoTote LED Light Kit , which extends tail light functions to the MotoTote. Regarding license plates, they are rarely blocked. From a customer service perspective, it’s has been a non-existent complaint.

Can I haul two bikes with the MotoTote?

With 20 years of experience in designing and refining hitch mounted motorcycle carriers, we do not recommend hauling two motorcycles on a single carrier. The demands of the road are high. Your safety is our top priority.

What is the ground clearance of the MotoTote motorcycle carriers?

The ground clearance will be approximately the same as the height of hitch receiver.

What is the length and angle of the loading ramp?

The ramp length is 57 inches. This is important because the longer the ramp, the less of an incline there will be, thus making loading of the motorcycle or scooter easier. Ramp incline varies depending on height, but with a 15 inch ground clearance the ramp incline is 15 degrees.