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by | Thursday, March 19, 2020 |
We are open for business!

In case you were wondering... Yes, we are open for business! Because our logistics facility is separate from manufacturing, we do not expect any interruption to our ability to fill orders. As always, we had loaded up the warehouse with inventory at the beginning of the year in preparation for the Spring season rush. This was done (thankfully) previous to the virus outbreak so we have plenty of MotoTote's and accessories in stock and ready to ship. As long as FedEx and UPS will take 'em, we'll...

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From Kamloops to Baja with Tyler

by | Tuesday, November 10, 2015 |
Tyler's Trip from British Columbia to Baja California Mexico

We love hearing about our customers' adventures! Here's a cool one from Tyler Mackenzie: Good Afternoon... Believe it or not, those were taken with my iPhone…I give all the credit to the scenery! The Baja trip went very well. I used the Mototote to haul the bike from Kamloops, BC to Yuma AZ. From there I rode the bike down to La Paz BCS. Then I hauled the bike from La Paz BCS back to Kamloops. I put just under 5000 miles on using the Mototote, and never even thought twice about it! In total it...

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Why do I need the Zero-Wobble Bolt?

by | Monday, June 16, 2014 |
All you wanted to know about the Zero Wobble bolt

Why do I need to use the Zero-Wobble Bolt? Or better: What the hell is it? Short answer: The MotoTote Zero-Wobble Bolt eliminates play at the connection to the hitch. But to really answer these burning questions, I'm going to have to review some history (Yawn)...

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