Our Story

In 1997 MotoTote was founded with a simple mission: Build the highest quality, most reliable motorcycle carriers to enable two wheeled adventure.

Growing up, riding motorcycles was our way of life. Whether on or off road, our rides got us closer to the places we loved. Through the freedoms of new roads and the fresh air ahead of us, we learned to love the unfamiliar with our tried and trusted machines.

But getting our bikes there always challenged us as motorcycle carriers at that time were hard to load, undoubtedly underbuilt and would damage our beloved bikes. We needed a reliable carrier, so we ended up creating our own solution.

One that secured our motorcycles to virtually any car, was overbuilt for serious weight and convenient to keep the good times rolling. And since our start, we’ve done just that through innovation from necessity and firsthand experience. Today MotoTote is the most trusted worldwide for all kinds of bikes and adventures, whether that be an open road tour through twisty mountain highways, a dirt bike expedition through the open desert, or as simple as a grocery run off an RV.

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