MTX Platform Attachment to Receiver Tube


Light Kit Holes Light Kit Holes If you plan to use an optional taillight kit, you will need to attach the MTX Platform so that the holes are facing rearward from the vehicle. The MTX Platform is symmetrical except for the pre-drilled light kit holes which are on one side only.

Trailer Ball Hole The larger diameter vertical hole in the square tube is for a 5/8 inch shank diameter trailer ball. This is the smallest size of trailer ball (by design). If you want to install a trailer ball, simply install the MTX Platform closer to the vehicle to expose the hole. YOU MUST ADD THE TONGUE WEIGHT OF THE TRAILER to the total-weight-on-hitch calculation explained here. Assume the trailer tongue weight to be at least 10% of trailer weight.

MTX Platform Opening
Bolt Tightening Procedure This is important so the carrier is tight and doesn't rock back and forth. The square opening in the MTX Platform is slightly over-sized in order to facilitate insertion of the square tube into the opening. This means there will be a small gap around the receiver tube until you tighten the bolts. The side walls of the opening are designed to bend inward and clamp against the square receiver tube as the bolts are tightened so that the connection solid.

Use the two big hex head bolts, two nuts, and four washers. TIGHTEN until the side gaps are closed and the connection is SOLID with no movement.


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