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THESE RE-BOXED UNITS ARE IN LIMITED SUPPLY - We'll show them here as they become available. CLICK HERE TO BUY A NEW ONE

These are "opened box" units that may or may not be lightly used. Either way, we have checked all the parts and replaced any non-functional parts so the MotoTote is fully functional and complete with all hardware. Inspected & re-boxed. Some parts may have scratches, minor dents, cosmetic damage but no damage that would affect proper function and use of the product.This product is fully covered under our new product warranty excluding cosmetic damage.

The Moto-Tote m3 is the latest generation of our best selling motorcycle carrier for dirt bikes and scooters weighing up to 450 lbs. Can also be used for light street bikes with rear tire width of 6 inches or less.

In addition to standard Moto-Tote features, such as easy one-time assembly with minimal tools and reverse (left or right) assembly and Zero-Wobble attachment to hitch, the MTX m3 comes with these new features:

  • Loading ramp is included - Advanced formed tube and wire construction makes it light but extremely strong
  • Modular design and assembly
  • Premium grade hardware - Bolts are grade 8 capscrews with nyloc nuts
  • Aircraft inspired beam structure

The Moto-Tote MTX carriers are built on the MTX Platform which is a large diameter tube beam that provides structural support for all critical components of the motorcycle carrier. Everything is bolted to this platform: Tie-down arms, tire track, wheel chock assembly, etc. This construction provides superior strength and structural integrity.

Adjustable for wheelbases of 48 to 65 inches. During assembly, the wheel chock can be positioned forward or rearward to perfectly accommodate the size of your bike.

Adjustable for a wide range of tire sizes - From small scooter to large dirt bike. In addition to the forward/rearward positioning of the wheel chock, it can also be adjusted for front tire diameter.

Adjustable for distance from bumper - Put it as close to the bumper as you need to. Got a spare tire on the rear of your SUV? No Problem!

Your bike stays upright during loading until tie-downs can be attached. This saves you from trying to hold the bike up while fumbling with tie-downs.

Premium grade black polyester powder-coat finish

Superior design makes it stronger but lighter

Versatility - The MTX m3 is built on the exclusive MTX Platform which is designed to accommodate interchangeable attachments

Last but not least - It looks REALLY cool...

MotoTote MTX Instructions User Manual for MotoTote MTX (current) Carrier Models

This includes 2009 and newer MTX m3 and MTX Sport motorcycle carriers

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good bike rack

only tried out rack once so far, seems well built with minimal toggling, the small rubber square plug fell out and is lost, I'm thinking if you send a replacement to me I will glue it in place. thank you.

Port Orchard, WA

Mototote MTX m3 motorcycle carrier, reboxed unit (MTX3-2)

  • Looks good
  • assembly is easy
  • strong and sturdy
  • well thought out design of the product
Checked out several hitch mounted dirt bike carriers online.
Decided the Moto tote was the best option for me.
Went through the Moto tote reviews and then decided to order.
Found out they had re boxed units so I could save a few bucks too!
I went this route and the re boxed unit arrived quickly and very well packaged.
I installed it on the 2 inch receiver hitch of my F350 super duty truck.
Took a couple hours going slow and steady!
The following morning loaded up the old DR350 and strapped her down.
Nice and solid and no hitch movement at all.
Very impressed and I can highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want to mess with a regular trailer!!

Nashville, TN

Easy to use and well designed

Was fairly simple to assemble following directions. Scooter was easy to load and unload. Did not bottom out because ramp is well designed. Good quality. Very happy with this model for our Zuma on the back of our RV.

New Mexico

Daily use

  • Robust
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use and mount
Prior to purchasing my own carrier I had a chance to borrow a MotoTote from a friend (Thanks John). I did a 900 mile road trip to Utah and also used it almost daily for 2 weeks while clearing trail for the forest service. Secure, easy to use and robust as all get out with a very nice finish! On forest roads I came to appreciate the rise manufactured into the front tie down as it provided extra clearance for traversing washed out roads. Never experienced any difficulties and never had the handle bars strike the glass of my camper shell. Nice attention to detail in the design and manufacture of the carrier. The welding is superb! This is just the best carrier on the road! Only suggestion would be for MotoTote to consider offering an overcenter front wheel lock in place of using the tie downs. Reduces the length of the setup on the truck, relives the pressure on the front suspension and would make for a faster load/unload with less things to keep track of. I will weld the hooks on my compression straps into eyes that cannot be removed from the carrier to prevent losing them at an unfortunate time.

Melville, NY

Cruiser Solution

After making the mistake of purchasing, assembling and (thankfully, on the ground) fitting my bike into a less expensive rack recommended for my RV/bike combo by Camping World, the rear tire was too wide and got stuck and the ramp was too short to avoid bottoming out a cruiser type bike while loading. I exchanged it and purchased the Mototote MTX M3 that was not only a perfect fit and a longer ramp but the advice & service I've received from Marvin via email & phone is exceptional! The carrier holds my Yamaha V-Star solidly and easily and my fear of driving cross country in a 35ft motorhome with a 330lb m/c "hanging on a stick" has been greatly alleviated even prior to the big trip. In my test drives it's been fine and solid and I'll keep you posted as our actual journey unfolds soon. PS-the reboxed M3 I purchased arrived without a scratch and all hardware was there and perfect. If it wasn't brand new I wouldn't know. Only problem I've experienced is the pin to lock the ramp in place is unable to slide through its hole due due a slight arch in the ramp. Nothing I cannot repair or live with since I'd lock it more securely anyway. Final word of advice...if you're hauling a cruiser style bike don't even think of any other carrier but Mototote.