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  1. John & Scot

    Thank you! I keep my gear dry and locked up in my rig and still don't have to drag a trailer, easy storage too! -John

    I wanted to thank you for being prompt and accurate with your information. The product packaging was very profession showing me pride in the product. I will be using it for the first time this coming weekend and am confident that it will perform as advertised. Thanks again. -Scot

  2. Tommy & Ron

    Dear D& D Design: After years of trying them all: vans, planks on the pick up truck, then trailers... Moto-Tote solved my dilema once and for all. It's the perfect solution and so easy. Thanks for the best way to haul my bike. -Tommy

    I spoke with Donna around 3PM CT today and grilled her about the Mototote. As a result I went to check one out and purchased through BMW of Westchester. Thanks for the info and professional service! -Ron

  3. John, Charlie & Ramsey

    Thanks a lot-- I have given your name to a friend who will be purchasing a unit from you. Thanks again for your professionalism in your business. -John

    I recieved the mototote as promissed. I wanted you to know that I was so impressed with it I didn't hesitate to load my new Yamaha FZ6 on it the first day. It seemed to be made for this size bike the tires fit in the channel perfectly. I have also recommended it on and have guys there asking for pictures! Your N/C for shipping is a real value as it would cost me a lot to ship something like that. Thanks -Charlie

    I do not have a question, I just want to commend you on a superior product and superior service. I recently purchased a MotoTote M3 and needed it for a trip the next day, it was shipped overnight and I assembled, installed, and carried my bike 800 miles without any problems. This is by far the best carrier on the market, I will never use my trailer again. -Ramsey

  4. Angela

    Marvin, we went to motorcycle lapping day this past weekend. It was great! We received alot of looks and stares at our tote and several compliments. I could not believe how easy it was to use. -Angela

  5. Matuchi

    I bought my Moto-Tote a couple of years ago and love it. It's solid and easy to use. Since I have a commercial drivers license I don't have to drive 55 mph in the slow lane with it and can go with the flow of traffic. The way my truck is setup, I don't even know I have anything on the back.

  6. Shannon

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I like your product. I was alittle scared at first loading my baby on the back of my truck, but it handled it no problem. I can load and unload my bike by myself. Looks cool too! -Shannon

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